Medical device marketing in new international markets can be a challenge. When it comes to medical device marketing internationally, consumer medical device manufacturers and professional medical equipment manufacturers are advised to ensure that they are partnering with local companies in the target market that fulfill several criteria – and our medical device marketing services can help.


Successful medical device marketing is a complex process – but it can be done efficiently in the right hands. First, consumer medical device and professional medical equipment manufacturers need to make sure that the local partner under consideration has the right medical and consumer sales channels, not only ‘on paper’, but in practice as well. They need to ensure that any medical device distributor being considered as a potential partner understands the regulatory framework of the device in question.

They need to be sure that any distributor understands the import and licensing requirements in the target market, and more often than not they also need to be sure that any medical device distributor being considered acts as more of a ‘brand builder’ in the target market, rather than simply acting as a trader or middleman. A number of other key factors come into play as well, and we help our clients understand these in more detail – not just in order to find the right local parters and sales channels to match their existing distribution models in other international markets, but also to identify the right local partners and sales channels to match specific local operating conditions.

For manufacturers seeking medical device marketing services in any of the 50+ international markets we cover, we welcome an opportunity to propose how we can be of service. Whether it be B2B lead generation, appointment setting, or market entry, our diverse range of custom medical device marketing programs can help international medical device manufacturers get their business established in new markets quickly and efficiently.

For more details about Lava IP International’s medical device marketing services and the 50+ markets that we cover, please complete the form below and we will get back to you with more information about how we can help.

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