Singapore Gourmet Food & BeverageThere are hundreds of food and beverage distributors in every international market. How do you find the one that best meets your needs?

Do you simply go with the first one you find that expresses an interest in your products? Or do you conduct large amounts of high-level market research that is big on ‘market share’ information and growth charts, but low on real, personal contacts? How do you figure out which people and organizations will actually promote your products?

By working with Lava IP International, you can trust us to do the legwork – efficiently. In the amount of time it might take you to plan a simple market visit, we will have surveyed your target market in depth, identified where the real interest is, and assessed what potential distributors can offer you.

This will be based on our deep understanding of your business model, target markets, objectives, and future plans. We will report back to you as much or as little of this information as you require, whether it be a shortlist of companies that actively want to work with you, or an in-depth report giving you detailed insight into why they want to work with you.

Trusting Lava IP International to do this for you lets you cut through all the noise in order to see with absolute clarity which sectors of your target market are the most appropriate for you, and how best to access them.

Which of your food and beverage product lines are most likely to succeed? Which industry thought leaders seems keen to promote and evangelise your brand within a certain target market? Where are the easiest opportunities to gain exposure and start to build market share?

Our work in this area involves developing a very broad network of industry contacts, conducting supermarket research, meeting with retail buyers, interviewing hotel executives, consulting gourmet importers, and personally introducing our clients’ food and beverage product lines to these companies.

If you are looking to find food or beverage importers in a target overseas market, we can save you considerable time and effort. We have a proven ability to help  gourmet retailers, hotels, and high-end supermarkets identify interesting products which will complement their current portfolios, and spend a lot of time in front of food and beverage importers and distributors, helping them identify how our clients’ products can best fit in with their requirements.

This leads to great results for our clients, and introduces an even wider range of high quality products to discerning consumers in new overseas markets.

Contact us today with details of the overseas markets that you are considering, and we will give you some ideas as to how we can help you grow your business overseas in the international food and beverage sector.