Every year, we set up hundreds of meetings globally for international companies – companies ranging from start-ups and SMEs to multinationals.

Lava IP International Appointment Setting & Business Meeting Scheduling Services

International Lava IP International B2B Business Matchmaking Locations Since 2008

Our appointment setting services are characterised by the following features which set them apart and have been rated ‘Best In Class’:

We do not sell individual meetings – in order to ensure that we are really uncovering genuine interest for our clients rather than trying to ‘convince people to meet’, we do not sell a fixed number of meetings to our clients. Instead, we commit to a minimum number that will make your trip worthwhile, and we then identify as many people as we can that say that they would like to meet you and then ask you to prioritise them. If we can find more then there is no extra charge.

We do not introduce you to our ‘friends’ – we seek out companies that want to meet you because of what you do, not because they have an existing relationship with us or because they have benefited from introductions we may have made previously so we therefore can ‘get you in front of them’. We believe that that is a waste of everyone’s time – instead, we make sure that the people that are open to meeting you to discuss genuine areas of mutual interest have no ‘personal’ or ‘historical’ reasons for wanting to meet. We look for companies that are interested in meeting you based purely on your company’s offer or value proposition – because if they have no person reason at all to want to meet you but they still want to meet you, then that is usually a positive sign that this is likely to be a good match for both parties.

We do not charge commission – because our flat-rate project fees are already covered, we are able to make it 100% clear to people that we are not ‘selling’ anything in any specific situation…our remit is to find a pool of interested companies, not to sell to any one of them specifically. This means that people are usually very open about expressing their level of interest – they understand that we believe that they might be a good match for our client, and if we are correct then we would like to understand how their buying process works. This contrasts greatly with a traditional ‘cold calling’ approach which involves trying to sell something without listening to how the people you are calling prefer to engage with new partners. This has a dramatic effect on people’s willingness to consider new supplier and/or partnership opportunities, and it is one reason why our work cannot be replicated by our clients’ sales teams – after all, there is little point in us doing the same work that can just as easily be done by our clients. Indeed, we do not replace our clients’ sales teams at all – we find people that are interested enough that they want to be contacted by our clients’ sales teams, which turns the entire sales dynamic around in a way that may surprise you.

We do not operate call centres or work from scripts – have you ever bought anything over the phone? We currently offer three tiers of appointment setting programme, and the intention of these is to enable our clients to try it out and then scale it across as many markets as they require.

Contact us today to enquire about the different packages available and the current pricing for each tier in the market that you wish to target.