Effective trade show marketing and trade show appointment setting can be time-consuming and expensive, and setting up international trade show appointments with potential partners and buyers can be difficult for companies that are unfamiliar with the local market.

Lava IP International’s trade show marketing services enable companies to quickly and efficiently schedule international trade show appointments. Instead of hoping that the right person walks past their booth at the right time (and hoping that they are not already speaking to someone who is not particularly relevant), our clients already know which specific buyers they will be meeting with, when they are going to meet, and what the buyer would like to discuss.

Book Trade Show Appointments NowThis means that for our clients the trade show is justified before it starts, and any ‘other’ buyers that happen to walk past and show an interest are a bonus.

This greatly reduces the uncertainty that our clients face when preparing for a trade show, and it guarantees that our clients’ trade show marketing budgets are put to good use – i.e. towards arranging trade show appointments and actually meeting with prospective customers, rather than on overly expensive booth positions or on marketing collaterals that are given away to people who are not even qualified buyers.

International Trade Show Appointments – Book Meetings Now!

We understand that trade shows can be a risk. Each time you engage with a visitor at your booth you have to spend valuable time introducing your products and services before you even know how qualified they are – and if they are not qualified, you cannot simply stop engaging with them. Meanwhile, if you are in mid-conversation with an unqualified prospect, it can be difficult to cut them off politely when you notice your ideal target buyer walking by or showing a brief interest in your stand.

Equally, if there is a crowd of people briefly milling around your booth at the same time, it can be difficult to decide which person to speak to as you will most likely only be able to engage the attention of one of them before the others have all moved on. Wouldn’t it be better to arrange some trade show appointments before you arrive?

With this in mind, not only do Lava IP International’s clients know that they have a number of relevant and meaningful trade show appointments scheduled for them in advance, but they also get to reduce their trade show marketing costs because they do not need to be in as expensive a booth position.

If you do not have trade show appointments organized in advance, you are most likely going to have to spend more money on being in a good position so that exhibition visitors notice you. However, if a company is already coming to see you because they have decided prior to the show that they would in principle like to explore working with you, then it matters less where your booth is – they are still going to find you.

Exhibiting companies that use our trade show marketing services at exhibitions also reduce the risk that many exhibitors often face whereby a lot of contacts are made at a show, but then the initial excitement fades and some of the ‘promising’ contacts are never heard from again.

By qualifying trade show attendees’ level of interest in advance in the weeks or months before the trade show begins, it is possible to gauge attendees’ genuine level of interest more accurately. It is also easier at this point for people to say that they are genuinely not interested, which many exhibition attendees may find difficult to do if they have approached your booth and you are in the middle of introducing your products and services.

If you would like to know more about Lava IP International’s trade show marketing services and how we help companies like yours arrange international trade show appointments, please contact us today with details of the next trade show you are planning to attend as an exhibitor. We will then send you some client testimonials from companies that have used our trade show marketing services together with more details about how we can help.

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