Our international lead generation services have helped clients make direct business connections across 100+ countries. Wherever you are in the world, and wherever you are looking for new business, we can deliver qualified leads.

Our highly personal approach to international lead generation makes it easy for you to identify genuine leads, qualify prospects, and propose your products and solutions to people who genuinely want to hear about them.

We do not act as a ‘list broker’, and we do not sell marketing databases with contact information – other companies often try to sell these contact lists to us and whenever we ask for samples to see what their data is like we find that they are usually full of false positives. We know their information is incorrect, because the false positives relate to decision makers we already know and with whom we are already in direct contact.

This means that they contain data that should not have been included, such as the names of companies in the wrong industry, or they incorrectly assume that all companies that distribute valves (for example) distribute the same type of valves and therefore have the same purchasing requirements. We know that this is simply not true.

In many cases we also find that these ‘marketing databases’ include contact details of people that we know who have left that particular company or are no longer in the industry.

This means that our international lead generation services are more likely to be used by a client who is seriously looking for 20 new “real” corporate clients rather than for a database of 10,000 ‘maybes’.

Our clients are looking for something more serious than just a list of executives’ names – they want real business relationships with these people rather than simply a large list of companies to spam. We know that we ourselves don’t buy products or services from companies that send us spam email using marketing lists obtained from list brokers – and we suspect that our clients don’t either.

The companies who use Lava IP International’s international lead generation services:

  • Never have to worry about how much future sales are going to cost them in future commissions
  • Don’t have to worry about where their leads are coming from in new global markets
  • Are able to have new customers come to them, often without having to travel internationally
  • Can easily calculate their exact ROI on each lead generation project

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you generate more international B2B sales leads, simply send us a profile of your ideal client, and include as much information as possible about why you like working with them. We will then explain to you how we will be able to identify other companies that would like to work with you in a similar way.

This process makes it possible for the companies that use our international lead generation services to attract more clients of the type that they already work with successfully, and it means that they are able to increase their international customer base without having to make significant changes to the way in which they are already doing business.

For more details of our international lead generation services, please complete the form on the right and we will get back to you with more details about how Lava IP International’s international lead generation services can help you make genuine connections for your business.

When it comes to reliable and effective international lead generation, make sure you connect with Lava IP International.