Appointment scheduling for businesses can be time consuming and costly – not just for you, but also for the people you are trying to schedule appointments with. Lava IP International’s clients have confidence that we are able to conduct high-level appointment scheduling projects for them with relevant business partners across any of the 55+ markets that we serve.

Whether you need 5 meetings or 50 meetings, we can help.


When was the last time you bought something from a telemarketer?

Appointment scheduling on a B2B basis requires specific expertise, and if you’ve ever wondered why you yourself have never bought anything from a cold caller whilst at the same time finding yourself looking to hire a call centre or telemarketing company to schedule appointments on behalf of your company, then we offer an alternative that actually makes sense.


People in call centres have a tough time – they work from scripts, it’s spammy, they’re calling on Skype with lots of other people in the background, it’s obvious when they call you that you are just ‘one of many’, and it’s never a good time for them to call you because they take you by surprise. And no matter how good they are, they are not as good as YOU at explaining what YOUR COMPANY does.

It’s well known that all of these factors turn people against cold callers from the start – you find yourself immediately thinking of reasons to say ‘no’ and reasons to end the call, even if maybe what they are offering could maybe even be useful for you! In other words, most people feel so negatively towards cold callers, telesales people and telemarketers that they would rather act against their own self-interest if it means they can avoid having to deal with them.


Have you ever developed a friendly personal relationship with a salesperson whose product or service you have no intention of buying, but you feel bad about just saying no to them and tell them that you’re ‘still thinking about it’, and that they should ‘check back with you in a few months’ time’.

Does this sounds like you? And whose time are you wasting the most – yours, or theirs?

What if there were another way?


Imagine if you or your sales team did not have to spend time doing their own research, lead generation and prospecting, and could simply spend all of their time dealing with enquiries from people that actually want to speak to them? People that genuinely want to schedule appointments with your sales teams or executive management because they understand what you do and actually want to talk to you.

These are people who have questions about your product, technology or service and want to speak directly to someone from your company.

This is exactly what Lava IP International offers.


By focusing on how your target customers make partnership decisions (instead of trying to ‘sell’ what you are doing, which is what most telesales companies and cold-callers do – which is exactly why telesales and cold-calling don’t work), Lava IP International discovers genuine business opportunities for its clients with people that also believe that this could be something of benefit to them as well.


Worried about having a third party talking to your prospective clients about your company?

Don’t worry – we have developed an appointment scheduling methodology which ensures that qualified people only find out about your company after they have expressed a genuine interest in what you are doing and in your company’s value proposition.



With experience of scheduling appointments and qualified meetings in over 55 different countries across a huge range of industries and sectors for companies from the private sector as well as for the commercial sections of a number of Embassies, we specialise in scheduling business appointments with people who want to meet you, and who believe that what you are doing could be directly relevant to them.

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