Business to business companies face unique challenges when it comes to marketing their products, services, and technologies to other companies. Our range of services for business to business companies helps B2B companies promote and market themselves across 50+ international markets.

We offer business to business companies a highly effective and reliable portfolio of custom B2B solutions including international business matchmaking, B2B market research, distributor due diligence, business partner searches, and international market insight. Whether it be for financial IT lead generation, market entry research for medical device manufacturers, or international appointment setting for industrial engineering companies, you will find that we are able to establish solid international business relationships for you and your company – fast.

Many of our clients are not looking for extensive ‘hand holding’ when they enter new markets – instead, they are simply looking for the tools they need to achieve the results they want as quickly and efficiently as possible. They are not seeking long consulting relationships with consultancy companies in new markets, and instead prefer to deal directly with their potential partners in the country or territory in question. However, they need a way to accelerate this process without it being intrusive – and this is exactly where we can help.

You might already have a proven business model for appointing new international distributors and finding new resellers and new clients internationally, and simply need help to quickly roll your existing strategy out in new markets…or you might be getting tired of your current approach and are now interested in trying out some interesting new ways of finding new distribution partners and new clients.

Similarly, you might already be active in 100 countries and now be looking to expand into your 101st, or you might feel that you still have a lot of work to do in your own home market before you venture overseas.

In fact, many of our clients now do more business internationally than they do in their own home markets – they never set out to have such a large part of their customer base overseas, but they are now pleased to see the way in which their business has internationalized.

In all of these cases we would welcome an opportunity to learn more about your business so that we can provide some no-obligation advice to you as to whether or not we can genuinely help you reach your international business goals.

If through our discussions it turns out that we can, then this will take your business to new levels of global success. And if through our initial discussions it turn out that we can’t be of assistance, then you will most likely have still received some interesting insights into your business at no cost.

For business to business companies looking to grow their sales in new markets, make sure that you connect with Lava IP International.

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