Finding distributors and/or resellers is a major challenge for manufacturing and technology companies that have decided to internationalize their business. In order to find distributors, it is often best not to simply look for the one with the biggest market share, but to look for the one which best meets your overall requirements.

Lava IP helps companies find distributors – or in some cases better distributors – for companies on a weekly basis. We don’t just look at quantitative metrics, such as market share – we assess a potential distributor or reseller’s complete service offering and level of capability, and match this to your own business requirements.

This makes it possible for us to match companies with well-suited distributors and resellers that really want to work with you – not just to enhance their overall product offering, but because they fully intend to promote your products and services, and they have the capability to deliver success.

On a larger scale, we are even ready to set up a turnkey global distribution network for you – whether it be 4 countries in your key target markets, or a network of distributors in 55+ countries across Europe, North America, Asia, The Middle East and Africa. We can set up standardized reporting systems, metrics, and KPIs so that you can measure your success and avoid creating a highly fragmented distribution system.

We can help you answer many important questions, including:

  • Which qualities of a potential distributor are going to be most important and most relevant for my business over the short-, medium-, and long-term?
  • If I want to find distributors in Country X, what is the easiest and fastest way to do this?
  • How can I find distributors that are reliable – and enthusiastic about my product, service, or technology?
  • How can I benefit from a distributor or reseller stocking one of my competitor’s products?
  • How can I compare different distributors more accurately?
  • Should I work with a distribution partner that is already distributes similar products, or might it be better to work with a company that is distributing complementary products? When is this most important?
  • How important is market share?
  • Why do I always find distributors who eventually seem to ‘lose interest’ in promoting my product range?
  • My distributor in Country X seems to have disappeared. How can I get back on track?
  • How can I best incentivize companies in my distribution network?
  • What common – and not so common – mistakes are there when it comes to appointing distributors in new markets?

If you would like to find distributors but are not getting the results you expect from your existing international distribution partners – or would like to set up a brand new regional or global distribution network for your products, please contact us and tell us more about your requirements and we would be happy to discuss your plans further: