Our business consulting services are designed to help small-, medium-, and large-sized businesses open up new international markets quickly and efficiently.


We offer international business consulting services across 50+ countries, and make it easy for companies to find distributors and clients in new markets. Some clients use our business consulting services to open up their first overseas market, and other clients might be using our business consulting services to open up their 100th new market.

Wherever you would be interested in expanding your business, our business consultancy services enable you to ‘test the waters’ of new international markets without necessarily having to make any ‘fact finding’ trips or having to invest heavily in setting up local operations.

Not only does this enable companies to lower the costs associated with opening up a new market, but it greatly speeds up the process of establishing direct links with qualified clients, distributors, and other relevant business partners in the target market.

This is one of the key reasons why our international business consulting services are used by the leading government-funded trade development agencies of several countries, and it is why our clients are often surprised at the speed with which they find themselves actually doing business in the target market of their choice.

Our business consultancy services are regularly used by companies in the technology, manufacturing, financial, IT, hospitality, food and beverage, luxury, education, and service sectors, to name just a few. A full list of our business consultancy and B2B market research services is available as well.

If you would like to know more about how our range of business consultancy services can help you grow your business on the international stage then please contact us with details of your target market. We will then get back to you with details of what our business consulting services could potentially do for your business.