Lava IP International is pleased to announce today that its licence to import processed foods and food appliances into Singapore has been renewed for the third year running.

This enables Lava IP International to receive incoming sample deliveries from international processed food and food appliance manufacturers that are seeking distributors, HORECA clients, and retail customers in Singapore, and will continue the company to deliver these samples to potential customers in Singapore quickly.

It also enables Lava IP International to handle the entire process in-house without having to rely on any third-party company to handle the import procedures. This makes it quicker and more efficient for our clients to access the Singapore food market.

International food manufacturers and food appliance companies that would like to introduce their products into Singapore are welcome to contact us to see if our import licence covers their product category.

We are also able to advise on import regulations, labelling issues, and the identification of potential customers both in Singapore and in the other international markets that we serve.