Lava IP International is an Official Osec Expert (OOE)Singapore, Thursday 22nd April 2010 – Lava IP International is proud to announce that it has been appointed by Osec Business Network Switzerland as its Official Osec Expert (OOE) in Singapore.

As a result of a decision taken by the Swiss parliament on 1st January 2008, Osec is Switzerland’s official umbrella corporation for export, import and investment promotion.

With Osec’s accreditation and approval, superlative Pool of Experts’ member companies may be designated as Official Osec Experts.

Jonathan Fayers, Lava IP International’s Managing Director, has been a member of Osec’s international Pool of Experts since 2008, and now the company itself has been designated as an Official Osec Expert.

Work conducted successfully for Swiss Business Hub ASEAN at The Embassy of Switzerland in Singapore has resulted in this appointment, with Lava IP International becoming the sole Official Osec Expert based in Singapore.

“This is a great opportunity for us to work with Swiss Business Hub ASEAN to help more companies from Switzerland and Liechtenstein access and enter these high-potential business markets in Southeast Asia, and develop very fast market entry strategies”, announced Mr. Fayers.

“We have seen first hand the high level of support given to Swiss companies by OSEC, Swiss Business Hub ASEAN and the Embassy of Switzerland, and we are proud to be asked to contribute to this success”.

In parallel with various private initiatives, Osec supports the Swiss economy (particularly SMEs) by helping companies discover and identify opportunities to sell products and services abroad. It also helps position Swiss exporters as internationally competitive providers to foreign markets.

Swiss and Liechtensteiner companies’ volume of trade with ASEAN exceeded CHF 7.6 billion in 2008.

According to Thomas M. Wicki, Osec’s Regional Director in Asia Pacific and Economic Counsellor at The Embassy of Switzerland in Singapore, “a common hurdle for Swiss companies in their expansion is investing in market research and partner searches that can be time-consuming and very costly”.

By providing businesses from Switzerland and Liechtenstein with local expertise and efficient market entry and partner search services, Lava IP International will enable Swiss companies to lower these market entry costs whilst delivering the extremely high quality of services for which Swiss Business Hub ASEAN is renowned.

Lava IP International’s appointment as an Official Osec Expert (OOE) should be of major benefit to any companies seeking transparent, smooth access into these dynamic Southeast Asian markets.

With clients from 16 countries and local representation in Asia, the US, Europe and South America (from mid-2010), Lava IP International helps government trade promotion agencies and private sector businesses from SMEs to PLCs achieve their expansion aims in new markets worldwide.

More about Lava IP International’s Official Osec Expert profile on the government-mandated Osec website can be seen at, and more can be read about Osec itself at