In Sweden, we act as a “Mötesbokare” – a Mötesbokare sets up business meetings and appointments for other companies. We are able to act as a Mötesbokare to schedule appointments and meetings with qualified leads and qualified prospects in Swedish cities such as Malmö, Stockholm, Goteburg (Gothenburg), Uppsala, Västerås and beyond.


Companies in Sweden use a “Mötesbokare” for a variety of reasons – their sales teams might be great at ‘closing’ deals when they are in front of qualified prospects, for example, but their employers might prefer them to spend 100% of their time actually in front of qualified prospects rather than sifting through data, spending time researching potential leads, and then spending their time finding the right decision maker. A Mötesbokare can help with this.

However, it is important to note that there is a significant difference between hiring a student to set up appointments and actually hiring a professional Mötesbokare service. This is because appointment setting and arranging meetings is not simply a case of making phone calls and asking for meetings – it also requires enough commercial experience and nuanced interview skill to make non-scripted phone calls and to escalate opportunities to the right people ‘on the fly’.


If handled badly, a Mötesbokare can come across like someone from a call centre – and normally people are savvy enough to tell within a couple of seconds that the person they are speaking to is calling from a call centre and is at some level trying to ‘sell’ them something.

This is why success rates from call centres are usually (and unsurprisingly) low – and if you compare the number of times you have received a cold call from a call centre and the number of times you have actually bought whatever is being sold then this becomes extremely obvious. If handled well, though, then a Mötesbokare can – and does – act as the first contact point in a genuine and transparent business relationship which the prospective client is keen to develop further.

Furthermore, a professional Mötesbokare will be able to better evaluate the credibility of the people that they are speaking to – just because someone says that they are the right person does not necessarily mean that they are, and just because a person agrees to a meeting does not necessarily mean that they are the most relevant person it is possible to meet within that organisation.

There are other advantages of working with an experienced Mötesbokare company too. For example, a proper Mötesbokare company will most likely be able to explain a little about some of the well-known clients they already work with in order to establish credibility and open doors.

Indeed, if setting up appointments were simply a case of hiring a freelance appointment setter or engaging a student to arrange some meetings, then there would be no need for professional Mötesbokare companies, and Mötesbokare companies like us would not exist. In other words, if you are looking for a proper Mötesbokare, then why not hire a company that actually does it for a living?

For more information about out Mötesbokare services in Sweden, please contact us and we will discuss how we can put together a meeting schedule for you with qualified prospects in the Swedish city of your choice.