Need meetings in Madrid? Want to make presentations in Prague? Looking for leads in London? Want to make sales in Singapore? This is the easiest way to meet key decision-makers wherever you travel on business.

Just let us know where you will be travelling, and when you will be there, and we will find highly relevant companies that want to meet you and will arrange a schedule for you.

This will enable you to meet key buyers and other decision-makers in a very short, convenient timeframe which suits your schedule. You save time working your way through different layers of management, and save time identifying and developing rapport with the most appropriate contacts.

Why meet just a couple of companies when we can find plenty more with the same profile for you to meet as well?

Simply step off the plane, check in to your hotel, and all your meetings have already been arranged – all with companies that have already expressed an interest in your products and services. Easy!

If you are looking to make contacts or are considering doing a trade show in the same region, this could be a more cost-effective and personalized solution.

This programme:

  • Is much more personalized than doing a trade show

  • Gets you highly-targeted in-person meetings, each one set up for your actual company

  • Is 100% exclusive for your company – i.e. you are not part of a group

  • Means you get to meet new contacts away from a trade show environment, enabling you to connect on a more personal level

  • Lets you establish direct relationships with relevant companies in your business sector

  • Gives you an opportunity to meet at least 8 highly-relevant companies in 3 days, or at least 15 highly-relevant companies in 5 days

This is the easiest way to get your business off the ground and launch new products and services in new markets.

Our recent clients using this service include companies from the UK, Denmark, the US, Spain, Korea, Singapore, Hungary, Ireland, Switzerland, and Australia.

We can help you:

  • Meet Retailers

  • Meet Industrial and Automotive Companies

  • Meet Wholesalers

  • Meet Distributors

  • Meet Banks & Financial Institutions

  • Meet Contractors

  • Meet Brewery & Dairy Operators

  • Meet  Authorities

  • Meet MNCs

  • Meet SMEs

  • Meet Hotel Owners & Operators

  • Meet Systems Integrators & MIS Managers

  • Meet Importers

  • Meet Government Agencies

  • Meet Travel Agents

  • Meet Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

  • Meet Customs Authorities

  • Meet FMCG Companies

  • Meet Medical Companies

  • Meet Telecommunications & IT Companies

  • Meet Private Equity Firms

  • Meet Publishers

  • Meet Universities & Other Educational Organizations

  • Meet Restaurant Owners

  • Meet Supermarket Buyers

  • Meet Venture Capital Firms

  • Meet Energy Companies

  • Meet Media & PR Companies

Which types of company and/or organization would you like to meet? Simply let us know, and we will contact you with a quotation.

Yes! I am planning a business trip and would like to meet with companies in the following sectors:

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