In a challenging year which saw economic difficulties across all of the sectors in which we operate, we have reached the end of 2009 with an expanded client base.

This year has been a year of many changes. We have seen a new US President, witnessed financial meltdown in the banking sector, got used to the impact of a continued international economic downturn, and been encouraged by an increased public commitment to addressing the world’s climate issues despite the limited success of Copenhagen. It has been an interesting year in the face of much uncertainty, but one thing has remained constant throughout – few  businesses have managed to avoid the challenges of 2009.

Many international projects throughout both the private and public sectors have been put on hold over the course of 2009, as companies wait and see if now is a time to ‘withdraw and consolidate’, or if now is the ideal time to make bold strides forward in order to enter new markets and take maximum advantage of their competitors’ current uncertainty and hesitation.

At Lava IP International, we are helping companies make those bold moves. We want to keep building our clients’ businesses one project at a time, by providing great service and delivering great results, continually expanding our global network of associates in order to increase the international business growth opportunities available to our clients within different verticals and across different markets.

Our network now includes key partnerships in Japan, Singapore, the US, the UK, and several more which we will be rolling out in the New Year.

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering services in even more international markets, and are able to save clients a considerable amount of time when it comes to researching, assessing and implementing business development strategies in a variety of new overseas markets.

Companies we were able to serve this year included Cranfield Precision –  part of Fives Group, a driving force in European industrial engineering for almost 200 years – Rendition Digital, a major technology development, testing, and outsourcing company from Ireland, and Laureate Online Education, the world’s leading e-Learning company. We also delivered our first research study to a major Japanese company, Panasonic.

I am delighted to say that Lava IP International has now helped companies from 16 countries enhance their international business development activities. This includes everything from helping companies which have never done business overseas before, to optimizing the international development strategies of companies and organizations with an already-established global presence.

Our website has been greatly expanded, too, yet at the same time simplified, throughout 2009, in order to show more clearly the international markets and sectors in which we are able to contribute to our clients’ goals.

We would like to thank all of our clients and partners who have supported us throughout 2009 and have trusted us to help develop and grow their businesses internationally.

In particular we would like to thank all our clients who have passed on Lava IP International’s details to their associates and referred us to other companies seeking new business who we have in turn then also been able to serve.

For those companies that are not yet using our services, we would encourage you to ask us for examples of relevant projects we have already completed in order to help you see the diverse ways our core services are being used by companies in different sectors.

After all, most of the projects we are asked to work on incorporate a subtle blend of capabilities, and we would be happy to discuss your objectives and suggest some fresh new ways in which we can help you reach your goals outside of your home market.

I personally invite you to submit a no-obligation enquiry through our website so that you can get a relevant idea of what we might be able to do for you. You are also welcome to follow us on Twitter to see what we are up to in your sector, and we hope to be of  service to you in the New Year.

Thank you again to everyone who has worked with us this year, and we look forward to contributing to your continued success.

Have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. On behalf of Lava IP International I wish you a very successful 2010 as you explore new markets in many new international regions.

With very best wishes

Jonathan Fayers

Managing Director, Lava IP International Pte Ltd.