wipo-united-nationsSingapore, 29th March 2011 – The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has today officially approved Lava IP International’s registration as a supplier of intellectual property-related consulting services.

According to its mandate, WIPO is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is dedicated to developing a balanced and accessible international intellectual property (IP) system, which rewards creativity, stimulates innovation and contributes to economic development while safeguarding the public interest.

Lava IP International helps companies identify and leverage aspects of their intellectual asset portfolios that potential clients are likely to find unique, and can then advise on ways to protect those assets and/or otherwise turn them into a competitive advantage in overseas markets.

WIPO was established by the WIPO Convention in 1967 with a mandate from its Member States to promote the protection of IP throughout the world through cooperation among states and in collaboration with other international organizations. Its headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland.

Lava IP International looks forward to working with WIPO and participating in UN-endorsed intellectual property work.