Hong Kong Wine Market ResearchLava IP International is pleased to announce a new report in its series of studies on the international wine business: “The Wine Market in Hong Kong: A Research Study for Wine Exporters”.

Hong Kong has a population of seven million people, which is 95 percent Chinese, four percent other Asians and one percent European. Wine consumers in Hong Kong are likely to be the more Westernised Chinese, Europeans and expatriates working there.

This introductory reports provides a distinctive overview of the wine market in Hong Kong, with statistics, distribution channels network, a description of the position of wine in Hong Kong society, as well as trends and market entry positioning strategies.

This reports provides a roadmap for wine producers that are looking to increase their presence in Hong Kong, or are considering it as a gateway to export to China.

For more details about this report on the wine industry in Hong Kong, or to purchase a copy, please contact us at [email protected].