La Cámara Navarra de Comercio e IndustriaThe Navarre Chamber of Commerce (La Cámara Navarra de Comercio e Industria) from the Navarre region of Spain has chosen to work with Lava IP International on its regional business development activities in Singapore.

In a formal arrangement agreed with the Director General of The Navarre Chamber of Commerce this week, Lava IP International has agreed to provide Singapore market information, partner searches, market surveys, technical studies, economic and financial studies and other business development services as a consultant, guide, and adviser to companies from Navarre which would like to do business in Singapore and the other countries which Lava IP International covers.

By recognizing Lava IP International as an independent professional organization with considerable experience in providing international advice to companies and other trade bodies, Cámara Navarra has also decided to use Lava IP International for direct logistic support for Cámara Navarra’s trade missions and business operations in Singapore.

This agreement is the result of Lava IP International’s successful work for the Embassy of Spain in Singapore.

Jonathan Fayers, Managing Director of Lava IP International in Singapore, announced that “this is a great opportunity for us to help more Spanish companies do direct business with appropriate companies in Singapore, and we look forward to providing Cámara Navarra with the same level of service that we currently provide to other Embassies, and Trade Organizations from other countries here in Singapore”.

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