Lava IP International has just published its latest research report entitled “The Growth of Research & Development in Singapore: The 21 Key Drivers Behind Singapore’s Transition into a Global R&D Hub”.

Drawing on data from a variety of sources, including up-to-date budgetary information, the Prime Minister’s Office of the Republic of Singapore, IPOS, A*STAR, and other in-depth field interviews and analysis, this study conveniently condenses thousands of pages of data, analysis and insight into just 20 pages.

Originally commissioned by a European Investment & Trade Development Agency, who regarded it as ‘outstanding’, this report can now be made available to a larger audience.

This continues Lava IP International’s program of international market research services that helps organizations benefit from an impartial analysis of the latest developments in the markets we serve.

The 21 key points are presented in a way which makes it clear how each driver can be applied by other countries that are interested in boosting their inward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Research & Development sectors.

The report is now available to International Trade & Development Agencies, Embassies and Consulates worldwide who are looking for an easy-to-read summary of the key factors behind Singapore’s success as a major international Research and Development hub, and would like to learn from Singapore in order to emulate its success.

For pricing details please contact our Research Team at [email protected].

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