FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – On March 1st 2010, Lava IP International is launching its highly-anticipated Total Global Development (TGD) service, a 10-month all-inclusive programme to completely transform clients’ businesses and increase their global reach.

Initially put together at the request of a major Singapore public company, and drawing on the best practices of Lava IP International’s strategic planning projects over the past two years, the brand new TGD system enables companies to aggressively enter multiple international markets simultaneously and to turn them into organizations with a truly global footprint.

This is a very fast way for an organization to develop globally, and can help turn any successful national or regional business into an international success.

If you are seeking international business expansion and are considering investing in any international marketing or business development growth activities this year, make sure that you compare what the TGD programme has to offer.

Core features of the 10-month programme include:

  • Market Entry and Business Development in 10+ Countries

Target the USA, Canada, UAE, UK, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, and The Philippines (or any other 10+ countries of your choice) simultaneously

  • Intellectual Property Consulting

Leverage your company’s intellectual property and learn how to use local patent searches to give you a competitive advantage in each new market

  • Legal Frameworks

Establish a solid, enforceable legal framework in which to operate your international operations as efficiently as possible

  • Systems Consulting

Streamline your reporting systems so that your global sales activity is easier to monitor, benchmark your internal and external operational procedures, and gain an insight into current industry best practices in different regions

  • Marketing

Learn new ways to develop business-to-business leads across different cultures and turn them into satisfied clients, as well as how to audit your internal marketing resources to find areas to improve

  • Website Optimization

Gain fresh insight into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Platform Benchmarking

  • Advertising/Media Opportunities

Quickly identify niche-specific advertising and media opportunities for your company in each of the target markets

  • No Disruption to Your Business

Your staff are free to continue with their core tasks as normal whilst the TGD programme is implemented, with the TGD programme requiring no travel and taking up no more than 1 hour per week of your current resources

  • Guaranteed Results

All results are guaranteed, with no hidden costs

  • An Immediate Start – No Waiting

No waiting for months for the project to be completed – you and your team can expect results within 1 week of starting

Leveraging on the work Lava IP International has completed for international private and public companies, this one-stop solution is aimed at larger SMEs, franchises and public companies that are looking for ways to expand their operations and client bases into new territories very quickly and efficiently, with maximum impact and minimum risk.

Private equity companies may also find the TGD programme of value for portfolio companies for which they need to drive international growth.

The TGD programme is an effective mix of consulting, hands-on implementation, project management, and operational excellence which draws on the strengths of Lava IP International’s unique mix of services.

For more details, deliverables, and available pricing options, please contact us today at [email protected].