International marketing can be a challenge for export-minded manufacturing and technology companies in business-to-business markets. We deliver a comprehensive range of international marketing solutions to companies across 50+ global markets, helping businesses find precisely-matched niche partners and clients that can drive their business internationally.

International marketing is not simply a case of telling potential business partners in other countries about your product, technology, or service offering – international marketing is about understanding who your potential ideal partners are in terms of industry verticals, position within that industry, customer base, growth strategies, engagement models, credibility, capabilities, and sales and marketing approaches, to name just a few. It is also about developing meaningful relationships with companies quickly, so that you can both find out as efficiently as possible how a potential collaboration is likely to be mutually beneficial – or not.

Furthermore, if you do not feel a need for extensive high level ‘market research’ and are already convinced that your product or service has a genuine place in a new international market, then international marketing is also about making sure that your product positioning, marketing message, and value proposition are understood by potential partners in a way that a) excites them, b) seems credible, and c) actually means something to them within the context and realities of their local market.

We deliver international marketing solutions to businesses in 50+ different markets across North America, Asia, Europe, Australasia, and Africa, helping clients across a diverse range of industries engage with dynamic companies in other international markets that are interested in working with them either as a distributor, reseller, buyer, stockist, or agent.

In many cases our clients tell us that they have previously tried a number of other international marketing approaches themselves such as contact lists, bulk lead generation, direct mail, and cold calling, but have found that they have not achieved the desired results. Making the leap from simply ‘having a contact list’ to actually having real, live business relationships takes specialist experience – and this is where we help. Simply having a list is not enough – and our clients realize that relationship building and arranging B2B introductions requires professional help.

Anyone can put together a quick list of the top 50 technology buyers in the US and their CEOs or CTOs, for example – but how do you get to supply them? And why on earth would you assume that these companies necessarily represent the best sales opportunities for you, simply based on the amount of business they may or may not be doing with your competitors? Why not evaluate sales opportunities based on the potential business that companies could do with you instead?

Once our international marketing services have been used to establish direct relationships for our clients, that is usually where we stand back and our clients’ own internal sales and marketing teams step in. Our clients understand that there are significant efficiencies in having their existing sales and marketing staff sell and market to companies that actually want to hear from them, rather than spending valuable time prospecting and revealing to potential partners that they are planning on making a sales approach.

Crucially, companies that use our international marketing services find that by the time we hand over the relationship to their sales and marketing staff so that they can market and sell direct, they find that they have had a valuable opportunity to tweak their sales and marketing message so that it can be customized for each potential target company based on insight we have (in some cases discreetly and/or anonymously) uncovered.

If they did not use our international marketing services on the other hand, and if our clients simply contacted potential partners directly, then all of the target companies would immediately know that they were being ‘sold’ to, and the opportunity for our clients to customize their message based on previously uncovered feedback and insight would not exist.

This opportunity for you to customize your marketing message and value proposition, essentially, is why it pays to have us reach out to international companies on your behalf first, before your sales and marketing team makes a formal approach. If it didn’t, why would companies choose to use us?

For more information about Lava IP International’s range of business-to-business international  marketing solutions, please contact us today with details of the countries, regions or cities that you are currently interested in exploring.

We will then send over relevant details of how our international marketing services can help you drive your business in the target market – and if we have first-hand knowledge of any other markets which might suit your business even better then we will be happy to let you know.

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