SCOPE IP™ LogoThe Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (“IPOS”) has developed an Intellectual Property Management (“IPM”) diagnostic tool named “SCOPE IP™”, and Jonathan Fayers from Lava IP International is now a SCOPE IP™ consultant.

The objective is to help organizations assess the strengths and weaknesses of their IP deployment and management system. Consultants who are trained in the SCOPE IP™ methodology will examine an organization’s IPM systems in eight key areas of assessment and prepare a report identifying areas for improvement, bearing in mind its current and future needs.

Such organizations will benefit as it helps them better understand the state of their IPM systems and to improve on them based on recommendations provided by the consultants.

Small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) who wish to manage and commercially exploit their IP more effectively may obtain a subsidy to defray the cost of conducting a SCOPE IP™ assessment under the IPM for SMEs programme.

The programme is jointly managed by SPRING Singapore and IPOS, and is meant to help SMEs manage their IP holistically. This is in line with IPOS’s mission to provide the infrastructure, platform and environment for the greater creation, protection and exploitation of IP.

If you are interested in SCOPE IP™ and the IPM for SMEs programme, please contact Jonathan Fayers who is now a SCOPE IP™ consultant.