The Embassy of Spain, SingaporeLava IP International has just completed 4 new projects for the Embassy of Spain in Singapore.

Working closely with the Spanish Commercial Service and the Navarra Chamber of Commerce, Lava IP International arranged intensive meeting schedules for 4 leading Spanish companies which were visiting Singapore and Malaysia as part of a larger Trade Mission in March.

The companies, A&S Fersa, Autorema, Tecno Papel, and Iberchem are all leaders in their respective fields: precision bearings, automation systems for canned food and beverage facilities, consumables for the canning industry, and industrial and household flavours and fragrances.

By identifying these 4 companies’ unique benefits and communicating these in a meaningful way to the key decision makers at a number of leading Singapore-based companies, Lava IP International was able to facilitate direct introductions between these 4 Spanish companies and major Singaporean businesses where there are clear and specific benefits to be gained by working together.

Lava IP International is very much looking forward to working with the Navarra Chamber of Commerce and the Spanish Commercial Service on further projects in Singapore and throughout the region.

We wish A&S Fersa, Autorema, Tecno Papel, and Iberchem every success as they enter into direct negotiations and discussions with the leading Singapore-based companies they have now met here.