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Lava IP International Pte Ltd delivers fast, reliable, transparent, and highly effective International Business Development and Business Matchmaking solutions to private companies, public companies, Embassies, and government trade and export promotion organizations across 50+ countries.

Our key services include: International Business Development Consulting, International Business Matchmaking, Export Promotion, International Lead Generation, Market Entry Strategy, Distributor Searches, Global Business Partner Searching, and Custom B2B Market Research.

We believe in making it easy for our clients to grow their businesses internationally by helping them tap into the powerful energy within their products, brands, technologies, systems, services, and expertise.
We offer a range of lead generation and business matchmaking services to help you grow your business and find strategic partners in new international markets, no matter where you are based.
Our in-depth B2B market research helps companies access new markets and reach new international customers efficiently, benefiting business and enriching people's lives.
We believe that your intellectual property (IP) should flow into new international markets like lava, powerfully reshaping the commercial landscape with permanent results.
We believe in making it as easy for our clients to do business internationally as it is for them to do business in their own home market.
We help embassies and government-funded trade promotion agencies deliver high quality international Export Promotion Assistance programs to their clients both in-market and remotely.
We take pride in the work we do for our private and public sector clients, and enjoy contributing to their success. Here are some recent testimonials from companies and organizations we have worked with.
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Leverage Your Resources, Find More Clients

We cover markets globally through our international team across Asia, Europe, North America, the Middle East, ASEAN, Australasia and Africa. Our research, marketing, and international business matchmaking solutions enable our clients to make better decisions and help make their products, services and technologies more quickly and more widely available in new international markets.

Our highly personalized approach enables our clients to:

  • Develop Mutually-Beneficial Commercial Relationships with Well-Matched International Partners
  • Replicate and Scale their Existing Success in New International Markets
  • Ensure That Their Sales Teams Spend Time In Front of The Right People Instead of Prospecting and/or Marketing
  • Improve Business Intelligence – in Asia, North America, Europe, the Middle East, ASEAN, Africa, and Australasia
  • Find International Sales Leads
  • Promote Exports More Efficiently
  • Identify Potential Business Partners through International Business Matchmaking
  • Meet Appropriate Decision Makers
  • Arrange International Meetings and Presentations
  • Reduce Lead Generation Costs
  • Find and Profile International Distributors
  • Improve Lead Generation
  • Develop Market Entry Strategies
  • Benefit from Soft Landing Services in New Markets
  • Generate Qualified Leads
  • Evaluate Global Importers
  • Evaluate and Optimize Distribution Networks and Sales Offices
  • Contact Manufacturing Companies in Any Country
  • Create Customized Business To Business (B2B) Market Research
  • Conduct Primary Research and Secondary Research
  • Benefit from Market Research Outsourcing
  • Find the Best Manufacturer’s Reps
  • Find New Clients
  • Find Buyers and Get More Customers

Are you optimizing these processes in your business? Or would you like to replicate your current success in other international markets? Our team’s 10+ years of international experience in global business matchmaking and international B2B research enables you to get all of this done efficiently and cost effectively, lowering your distributor, partner and customer acquisition costs and achieving fast commercial results. To join our other clients that are now doing more business globally, contact us right now and find out how easy it can be to expand your customer baseincrease sales, and find new clients in ways you may not have thought possible. When it comes to growing your business internationally, make sure that you always connect with Lava IP International. Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitionalipv6 ready