For B2B market research and business intelligence, you have come to the right place. Lava IP International researches and compiles customized international B2B market research reports for companies and organizations requiring specific market intelligence. These reports are based on primary, insightful first-hand research obtained by actually conducting in-depth interviews with market participants.

Whether it’s something very short and to the point, or if it’s a major B2B market research study,  you can be sure that the research will be of the highest international standards. What’s more, it will be useful – you and your clients will actually be able to apply this in order to reach your goals.

Clients include a number of international government agencies responsible for the development and promotion of their indigenous business sectors, the Embassy of Hungary, Switzerland Global Enterprise, and the Economic & Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain. We also serve private companies and organizations worldwide.

Typical projects include:

  • Independently Researching Industrial Markets

  • Researching Particular Companies

  • Understanding Specific Distribution Channels – e.g. Industrial/FMCG

  • Building Contact Lists of Potential Partners

  • Performing Market-Based Due Diligence

  • Exploring Investment Opportunities in Singapore

  • Advising on M&A Activities in Singapore

  • Commercial SCOPE IP™ consulting for the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore

  • Advice on Setting Up Operations in Singapore

  • Proposing Strategic Recommendations

  • Intellectual Property Research – e.g. Trademark & Patent Services

  • Identifying Regulations, Permits & Licences For Your Business

All research is written from scratch, taking into account our clients specific research objectives.

Our principals have previously worked on business intelligence and B2B market research projects for ABB, Siemens, SGL Carbon Group, Dräger Medical, Portola Packaging, and more, and also worked on the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau’s transport presentation to the International Olympic Committee for Beijing’s successful 2008 Olympic bid.

Our B2B market research studies range in duration from 1 week to 5 months+, and can be tailor-made to include as much or as little primary fieldwork as you require.

Please contact us today for more details about what we can do for your company in these areas, and how it can have a positive impact on your results:

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