Lava: The Powerful Force Which Drives UsWe are often asked the story behind our curious name, Lava IP International.

Lava is a powerful natural force.

The image of lava highlights the dramatic, transformative effect our clients’ intellectual property (or ‘IP’) has as it flows into new regions.

We are driven by a mission to see our clients’ products and services change the commercial landscape in new international markets with permanent, long lasting results – just like lava.

We achieve this by identifying which aspects of your product, service, equipment, or technology which are truly unique, and by understanding which of these can then be leveraged in order to give your company a edge in the new international market of your choice.

Would you like your products and services to have a dramatic, long-lasting impact in a new international market? If so, we invite you to explore our website in more depth and learn how we can identify new customers and business partners for you today.