If you could identify an easy way for your Sales & Business Development Team to obtain highly-targeted enquiries from international companies, would you consider trying it out?

Just imagine, in as little as 14 days, qualified enquiries from interesting companies from Southeast Asia start landing on your desk – all from companies you’d never reached out to before.

How does it work?

Simply put, if you work with Lava IP International on a project, we will screen hundreds of companies across SE Asia region for their suitability to buy your products and services. This includes key regional markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as the rest of the ASEAN nations and beyond.

When we get positive responses from key decision-makers, the results are then handed over to you – and you work directly with buyers without having to pay commissions to any agents or middlemen.

This doesn’t just give you useful data on up to 100 companies in the region which can be mined for your long-term benefit, but it also gives you personal introductions to real, qualified people who have expressed an interest with working with your company specifically.

Can you be sure you’ll get profitable results?

Yes – We regularly help international companies successfully grow their business in ASEAN member countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, The Philippines, and beyond
Yes – These buyers will know who you are and what you do
Yes – These buyers will have expressed a confirmed interest in working with your company
Yes – You’ll be in complete control of your distribution
Yes – You work directly with all the companies which say they want to work with you
Yes – You keep all the profit…you won’t pay out any commissions to agents
Yes – Each buyer is hand-picked according to your specific criteria
Yes – You can sell from wherever you are, and don’t have to visit us
Yes – You can use Southeast Asia as a platform for new business in the wider region – China, New Zealand, Australia etc.

We search and qualify each and every lead for you individually – we do not send you a list of unqualified contacts from a central database. Everything is put together exclusively for you.

We cold-call, we leverage existing contacts, we do background checks, we reach decision makers, and we find out from the decision makers themselves how they themselves believe they can best use your products and services.

You will then hear directly from companies which are interested in buying from you – saving you time on pursuing unprofitable leads with companies which are not particularly responsive.

Normally all of this would be a considerable task. However, with Lava IP International it’s easy. Why?

Simple. The first time you hear about these companies is once they have already expressed an interest in buying from you.

What could be simpler and more efficient?

The deeper you read through our website, the more you will see how and why more and more companies are finding this an easy way to open up a new customer base across Asia. When would you like to join them?

To find out how easy it can be, please tell us about the ideal customer you would most like to find. We will then give you a quotation and time-frame estimate for finding more companies which are similar, and would like to learn more about how they can work with you.

As all of our clients know, we do everything within our power to make finding new customers easy for you – and we look forward to seeing your company grow as a result.