We help international companies find clients and partners in Europe across a very wide range of markets and niche industry sectors.

Whether you are a mid-sized IT company looking for a software reseller in Scandinavia, a consumer goods company looking for FMCG distributors or brand builders in the UK, or a high-end precision engineering company looking for opportunities in the automotive sector in Germany, we can help.

You might be looking for enthusiastic and capable importers in Europe for your product or service, or you might be interested in conducting a systematic business partner search in order to identify potential European business partners.

Alternatively, you might be planning a trip to a specific city or country in Europe and be looking to give your European business a quick boost by arranging some meetings at short notice with potential new clients.

We deliver all of these services across Europe and would welcome an opportunity to share with you some of our experiences in your target markets and relevant industry verticals.

For more information about how we can help your company find new clients and partners in Europe, please contact us today and let us know which European market and which industry vertical is of most interest to you. We will then send you details of our relevant experience, together with more details about how we can assist you in reaching your international business objectives.