New Zealand is just one of the 50+ international markets in which we can help global companies establish a client base. Cities such as Wellington, Christchurch, and Auckland offer globally-minded companies a good opportunity to develop relationships with new customers.

Lava IP International is able to reliably and professionally help you grow your business in New Zealand. Hundreds of satisfied clients have chosen Lava IP International for their business development needs across a range of industries and have now set up direct relationships with buyers, distributors, and other partners in a wide range of international markets. We have success stories to report from each of the countries that we cover, and New Zealand is no exception.

New Zealand business development can be challenging, which is why more and more companies each year are turning to us. If you want to find a distributor in Auckland by next month, for example, or if you are planning a business trip to Christchurch and need to meet some interesting New Zealand business partners who understand what you do and want to meet you, then we can help.

If you would like more detailed information about how our approach is growing our clients’ sales networks in Auckland and elsewhere in New Zealand then please send us your requirements. We will then explain specifically how you can benefit from our international business matchmaking services in the New Zealand market, and will explain how this can result in a more efficient international business development process for your company.

To grow your business in New Zealand quickly, efficiently, and professionally, contact us today!