Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is challenging to attract. For national, regional, and local government inward investment agencies seeking FDI, Lava IP International can help you locate suitable qualified investors worldwide.

With multiple countries and jurisdictions seeking to position themselves as the ideal choice for international companies to set up or expand their global operations, attracting FDI and other forms of direct inward investment is extremely competitive. There are three main keys to ensuring that time and effort is used as efficiently as possible.

First, it is necessary to be able to rapidly segment sectors, in order to break down a client’s general inward investment objectives into as many sub-sectors as possible, so that companies in each niche can be consulted, and none are overlooked.

Second, it is vital to have a proven ability to access relevant high-level contacts ‘on the fly’, because otherwise too much background work can be done, only to find out that the key decision makers are either inaccessible or have other objectives.

Third, it is crucial to be capable of ‘reading between the lines’ in order to identify which USPs make for an attractive investment destination in the eyes of each potential large-scale investor, even if they are in the same industry. What is attractive to one company about a particular inward investment destination may be unimportant to another, for example, or – even worse – may give an impression that the particular location being discussed is similar to many others and therefore offers no particular advantages.

Our proven ability to work across many different sectors and industries makes Lava IP International a natural choice for government agencies looking for FDI consulting services.

If you are a government inward investment agency looking for inward foreign investment and would like more information about our FDI-related services, together with some testimonials and success stories, please contact us and tell us more about your objectives:

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