business opportunities in the EU euro economyIf the European Union were taken as a single country, it would be the world’s largest economy. Our customized Europe B2B market studies and European B2B business research can help you understand how your company can succeed in both EU and non-EU markets.

With an estimated GDP of US$16 trillion, Europe offers an incredible amount of opportunities for the ‘right’ companies. We deliver Europe B2B market studies and European B2B business research that can help you and your company discover those opportunities.

Not just opportunities ‘in general’, but opportunities which relate directly to your specific company within your specific business.

No generalizations – simply essential information put together especially for you and your company together with the personalized one-on-one contacts which you need to get your business started in Europe. We also cover business opportunities and companies in non-EU countries such as Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. In fact, we are also an official partner of Osec, the official government-operated promoter of Swiss trade.

Our clients include European companies looking to enter other European markets, government-funded export promotion agencies, and companies from outside the EU and the Europe region who are looking to get started in the dynamic and diverse European economy.

With a growing regional network of researchers and associates on the ground across these markets and a strong ability to make relevant contacts across a range of industry verticals, we are able to deliver strong market-based Europe B2B Market Studies and European B2B Business Research in many areas.

The main European markets we cover are:

  • UK
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Denmark
  • Ireland

Please contact us or simply fill out the form below for more details about what we can do for you in these markets. When it comes to Europe B2B market studies and European B2B business research, always connect with Lava IP International.

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