You’ve already decided that you need more international clients. But how do you arrange an international cold-calling campaign across multiple time zones, different languages, and cultural barriers?

We help companies from all over the world reach out to potential clients in new markets and new industries through carefully crafted telephone marketing campaigns.

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Let us know your target market, your expectations, and as much else as possible about your proposed campaign, and we will do the rest. Don’t worry if you haven’t worked this out yet, as we can help you design the cold-calling campaign which will best  meet your objectives. If you do have a clear idea of your objectives, we can briefly review them with you and recommend some tips based on our previous experience in those markets.

Our services feature all aspects of developing and implementing successful cold-calling marketing campaigns, including:

  • Helping you decide which regions, countries, or industries are most likely to be receptive to the proposed cold-calling campaign
  • Identifying how your message can be tweaked for different international markets, maximizing the degree to which a receptive audience is found for your marketing campaign
  • Leveraging on the success of our other activities in those target markets
  • Identifying situations where cold calling is a waste of time – and alternative ways to reach your prospects
  • Creating a campaign that does not rely on ‘scripts’ read by untrained staff in call centres, as often the best opportunities can often be found by ‘reading between the lines’ in the course of normal conversation – a commercial background is usually necessary to do this
  • Avoiding the mistakes made by hundreds of thousands of telemarketers every day

Contact us today and let us know what you have in mind, and we will work with you to implement an intelligent cold-calling strategy which will put you in contact with companies that are genuinely interested in benefiting from your services.