A full range of independently-verifiable references, client testimonials and case studies is available upon request.

No matter what the project, you can rest assured that Lava IP International will be working diligently and professionally to bring you new customers and new opportunities to grow your business internationally.

We gauge our success by the quality of the client testimonials that we receive, and we would like you to benefit from our services as well.

Please let us know which industry sector you are interested in, and the countries/regions in which you would like to grow your business, and we will be happy to give you some client testimonials and case studies which will give you an idea of what we can do for you.

Here are some client testimonials from companies and organizations we have worked with. We take pride in the work we do for our each of our clients, and enjoy contributing to their success.

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“I very much appreciated that you were able to arrange so quickly meetings with several of the top players in the market.

Lava IP International did a superb job on finding people who had responsibility in our area. A great result.”

— European Risk Management Technology Company

“Great stuff…your speed of getting meetings is fantastic”

— Global Account Manager of a Leading Geospatial Risk Management Technology Company

“Excellent work”

— Government-Funded Export Promotion Agency in Asia

“The trip was brilliant, thanks to your efforts – well done.

We have real opportunities…Thanks a million.”

— Director of a European Software Company

“Excellent work in getting the meetings – thank you.”

— European Software Company Serving Public Organisations & Government Bodies
«    9 of 10    »

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